Tributary Coaching specializes in performance training for business teams and professionals.  We are proud to offer the most effective training systems available as an approved Tetrakey provider.  At Tributary, we work together to enhance performance, increase effectiveness and improve outcomes for professionals in an ever demanding and competitive world.

Our foundation is rooted in a strong desire to uncover opportunities for individuals and organizations to continually develop, perform to their maximum potential and achieve at the highest levels.

Join us for an upcoming course, or let us come to you through a custom program built to suit.      


"Rob's execution was what I liked most about the course. He motivates you just by the way he speaks!"

-Essen Munsamy

 "Paul Kuthe is a phenomenal teacher. His gentle guidance, confidence in me, and clear direction were incredibly helpful." - Hilary Eyres 

" Paul's style of coaching is perfect for me. His patience, humor, and creativity in working around my mental blocks is incredible. I have had a lot of coaching from him over the years... I always come away with more confidence and skill than I arrived with. I have also observed him coach my daughter and my boyfriend and seen his style dramatically shift with the different needs of the student."  -Kristin Wright

"I loved the performance coaching programme presented by Rob Yates. It was an intriguing and overall life transforming experience. There was a great amount of personal learning in terms of understanding myself and receiving great feedback; I was inspired by Rob and the great passion for coaching that he communicated intensively."

"Rob’s presentation was more than fascinating tales, it inspires and motivates, showing that with the right mind-set, just how much can be achieved, and what obstacles, both physical and mental, can be overcome"
John Dickie
Honorary Chairman

"Paul continues to inspire and challenge me and all his students. Few coaches match his skill and passion. His ego is small and his enthusiasm is huge! His biggest asset is his respect and admiration for all his students!"  - Hays Witt

"...No matter how frustrated we got, he was there with a smile encouragement and yet another way to try and make it happen. He was so creative- the best teacher ever and as a coach he was reassuring yet constantly helping us to exceed our limits and find new challenges..."  

-Jane Lundberg