The pressure is on, seeing the forrest for the trees is a challenge and tiredness is settling in. We
all have been in this situation and wanted out, now. However we battle on, and despite our best
efforts still end up experiencing this again!

The TetraKey Dimensions 'Increasing Personal Performance' package, is purposefully built to give
our clients the mindset and tools to perform with intent, now. As soon as the road to complete
application started within this day, the difference will be dramatically noticeable. The new
perspective will start a journey towards a balanced personal performance level of massive scale.
This package is designed to be a solution for business to honour its obligation to employees with
regards to stress management, prioritisation, and delivering upon increasing outcomes.

Within the package topics covered will include:
• Future Forwards

• The 70/20/10 equation

• Excellence Structures

• The beginning, middle and end, delivering outcomes

• Mentor me

• The Language of performing people

• Ownership of emotions

• Who drives my bus, the cause vs. effect paradigm

• Life long learning