One of our founders and principal performance coaches, he specializes in elevating profitability, outcomes, and communication in both high level professionals and elite athletes. 



The owner of Tetrakey Strengths Based Continual Learning.  Rob maximizes strengths, emphesizes continual learning, understands the impact of blind spots, and increases awareness of the connotations of over playing strengths and aligning complementary skills for maximum output.



Feeling the flow?  Tributary Coaching is proud to offer the most effective training systems available as an approved Tetrakey provider.  At Tributary, we work together with you to enhance performance, increase effectiveness and improve outcomes for professionals in an ever demanding and competitive world..  Join us for an upcoming course, or let us come to you through a custom program built to suit.       




Performance coaching is an experience that completely values you, your goals, aspirations and most importantly, time.  Using the Tetrakey unique performance coaching framework, we offer you the opportunity to make significant leaps of progress with positive long lasting impact as quickly as you would like to.

Featured Programs 

Performance Accelerator  Practitioner Training & Evaluation: November 28th-Dec 4th 2017 in Vancouver, WA

Performance Accelerator Practitioner Training & Evaluation teaches you how to coach yourself and others, applying a unique mindset that guarantees growth in business and life. While the most direct beneficiaries may be those interested in business Performance Acceleration, the skills and behaviours you will learn are impactful and applicable in a wide variety of contexts.

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"I learnt more on this programme about taking my business forwards than I did in two years studying a MBA at business school" - Gerald , Seattle

Life & Business Coaching 

Coaching is not counseling or therapy, which tends to focus on the past and look at issues historically, nor is it consulting which generally involves coming up with expert opinions and answers. However, coaching does use techniques derived from both fields. Coaching though is more action-oriented and solution-oriented, focusing primarily on both the present and future. The "answers" that you are looking for come about through the work done in joint partnership with your Tetrakey Certified Coach.  Executives, Entrepeneurs, Leaders, and top level performers all deserve a coach of their own. 

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OUR System:

We increase performance by up to 50 % by working with you to develop SUCCESSFUL habits and behaviors !