Coaching is not counseling or therapy, which tends to focus on the past and look at issues historically
nor is it consulting which generally involves coming up with expert opinions and answers. However, 
coaching does use techniques derived from both fields. Coaching though is more action-oriented and
solution-oriented, focusing primarily on both the present and future. The "answers" that you are 
looking for come about through the work done in joint partnership with your Tetrakey Certified Coach.

Topics could include but are not limited to:

  • Leading & Inspiring
  • Dimensions of sustainable selling
  • Increasing group performance
  • Presenting with Power
  • Managing complexity
  • Dispute resolution
  • Clarifying your purpose and goals
  • Breaking through preventative barriers to achieving more
  • Developing tools to stay focused, enthusiastic and energetic
  • Strategies to achieve balance, without loosing productivity
  • Building performance increasing cycles
  • Resolving personal conflicts and dissolving distractions
  • Empowering relationship dynamics