The world of leadership has changed and will continue to do so. With leaders at all levels of
business being far more present and expected to be that way by there employees. With social
media, news and communications making leaders ever visible and accountable, how does todays
leader juggle the pressures & responsibilities of the current world?

The TetraKey Dimensions 'Leading and Inspiring Others' day long course is a introduction to
increasing leadership potential, inductively harnessing what is individually present and integrating
that with a wide eyed learning base. Allowing current and future leaders at all levels in business to
operate with increased performance, driving your business forwards with alarming speed.

Topics covered through out this introductory day are:
• Knowing and harnessing your story
• Decisions
• Life long impactful learning

• Achievement structures

•Being vs. Doing
• I am a model
• Knowing there is no box

• Who do I work for
• When s#*t happens
The tools and learning from this day are impactful to a level, where a difference is immediately
evident in each individual’s performance leading and inspiring others.