Performance Accelerator Practitioner Training & Evaluation:

Embrace the successful future of you and your team with new found energy, excitement and purpose!
Do you have challenges or struggles that prevent you or your team from pushing forwards on occasions?

Ever feel like something is holding you back, keeping you from achieving the things you've always wanted?

How different would your world be if you could:

– Master the Art and Science of Coaching

– Communicate with Excellence

– Create positive behaviors and inspire actions in clients 

– Create a successful business

– Develop skills that allow you to coach your team not just manage them

– Eliminate Bad Habits and create consistent 'business behaviors' 

– Overcome fears that keep you and your business from succeeding at the highest levels

In just one long but empowering week with Paul Kuthe of Tributary Coaching and Master Practitioner and owner of Tetrakey Performance Coaching Systems Rob Yates, you can do this and much more.  Leave free from limits and empowered to achieve ever increasing peak performance in yourself and those around you!

This game-changing program will allow you to make changes in your personal and professional world quickly and easily, empowering you to Accelerate Your Performance like never before.  .

Upcoming Course: 

Sept 23rd-29th, 2017 in Portland area 

(Vancouver, WA)

Discounted Price: $2,200

Many participants in the course set themselves on entirely new trajectories in life resulting in some pretty amazing outcomes!  Check out the full Course Program here: 

Learn a bit more about who will deliver this game changing program:

Paul Kuthe - Managing Director 

Paul launched his career as a professional ‘action sports’ coach and athlete developing and managing programs for a leading company in his field. It was during those adventures that he learned the importance of coaching, commitment, and operating in the moment with intense focus and determination while simultaneously managing fear and self-doubt. The natural world can be one of life’s greatest teachers if you ‘attend class’ on a regular basis.

He’s started paddling some of the most demanding rivers anywhere at a young age. Soon after moving to Oregon he was making appearances in numerous film projects taking him to the very brink of what can be done in a sea kayak for National Geographic. He was asked back time after time as a guest coach at the top international symposiums in the years to follow. Paul served as a Marine Technical Advisor to Paramount Pictures and made appearances in national television ad campaigns for companies like Keen Footwear and Tampax. He even worked a day on the set of the popular TV show ‘Portlandia’ personally coaching actor Fred Armisen and serving as an expert consultant. Despite the long list of accomplishments, Paul’s most proud of his volunteer efforts spent cleaning his local rivers and fighting for access to clean water even gracing the pages of the NY Times in defense of free flowing rivers.

Paul long considered his greatest achievement to be carving out a successful living in this crazy business that allowed him to spread the joys of paddling to people from all walks of life, while creating positive change for both the individuals participating in the sport, and the waterways we all love and depend on. It was coaching paddle-sports that brought Rob and Paul together in 2012 at a successful skills symposium in the U.S. The personal mentoring Rob provided in the weeks to follow helped Paul to achieve more than he ever thought possible. His career flourished while becoming a young father, homeowner, and creek-racing champion!

Paul launched Tributary Coaching LLC to bring his knowledge and coaching skills to the corporate world creating positive change in the lives of business professionals striving for the same sort of success and happiness. He and everyone here at Tributary Coaching LLC is driven to help people thrive while finding happiness and renewed purpose in their lives.

Paul is a TetraKey qualified Lead Trainer and Performance Coach with over two decades of coaching and training experience. 

Rob Yates - Tetrakey CEO

The #1 Success Coach, serial entrepreneur and adventurerer, CEO and co-founder of Tetrakey

What if you could take the skills of a professional global sports person, a successful businessman & uniquely innovative coach a put them all together in one person?  The outcome is simple, and progressively obvious in Rob Yates.

For the past 18 years Rob has been working on what are the components that make for high level success in sport, business, leadership and life.  The quest that he follows, continually researching how he can perform to his maximum potential and enhance the lives of others along his journey, is recognised a never ending.  Along this path Rob has acquired and developed a unique powerful range of skills to pass on, drawn from relentless study and high impact personal experience.  

Rob’s own pioneering journey still is a unique one, that has by chance and design brought to together a skill set and knowledge rarely found.  After retiring as full time internationally successful professional kayaker and adventurer due to injury, Rob has spent his time concentrating on what it is that allows people who operate at the highest level in the most hostile environments, to perform, progress and manage the complexities change, risk and success while balancing life and what it brings. 

The question of ‘What if it was bottleable?’ is never far from the front of Rob’s mind, and has resulted in a career of continual learning and development, to allow himself & his global clients the opportunity to operate at the cutting edge of their potential. 

As a successful Serial Entrepreneur, Rob is the owner of 7 businesses across 3 continents with another 2 businesses in the pipeline to be launch in mid 2016.  He loves nothing more than sharing the strategies he uses to ensure that every business he launches is a financial success within 12 months of launch.

Originally from the UK, Rob’s work is positively evident across the globe and has recently found him moving to South Africa, allowing him to achieve a life balance like no other.  Rob spends as much time as possible every year exploring, learning and adventuring both physically and mentally. 

This is a very special opportunity to work with two of the best for an incredible price.  Rob Yates will be flying in from Johannesburg to deliver the course for the very first time in North America!   Don't miss the opportunity to experience this game changing experience!  This course will be the start to a whole new world of opportnity, achievement, and ultimate happiness.  Rob works with entrepeneurs, executives, influencers, and thought leaders all over the world.  Spaces in Rob's performance coaching courses generally go for tens of thousands of dollars.  If he can create a lasting impact for top level performers all over the world, I wonder what can he do for YOUR life and business here and NOW.  Let's find out!

Upcoming Course: 

Sept 23-29, 2017 in Portland area 

(Vancouver, WA)

Discounted Price: $2,200

Upcoming Course: 

Sept 23-29th, 2017 in Portland area 

(Vancouver, WA)

Discounted Price: $2,200

Foreword by Founders – Rob Yates & Mark Hopkins
We often begin our Performance Accelerator Coach Practitioner Training & Evaluation with this question: “What does it take to be a Performance Accelerator?”

There are a variety of reasons for coming to a Performance Accelerator Coach Practitioner Training.  In our opinion, when you achieve the level of Performance Accelerator Coach Practitioner, you will be performing as one of the worlds top 1%. You will have the ability to obtain the highest possible results from business, others, and critically yourself.

Remember - the process you used to achieve what you have, will need to become more powerful for greater success.

Performance Accelerator Coach Practitioner Training

The Performance (R)evolution

Performance Accelerator Coach Practitioner Training & Evaluation teaches you how to coach yourself and others, applying a unique mindset that guarantees growth in business and life. While the most direct beneficiaries may be those interested in business Performance Acceleration, the skills and behaviours you will learn are impactful and applicable in a wide variety of contexts.

Whether you want to fast track your businesses success, dramatically increase your profitability, coach the people who work for you to greater achievement, work more efficiently in team environments, handle meetings more effectively, lead groups, conduct professional trainings, seminars or workshops, you will find this course invaluable.

In short, Performance Accelerator Coach Practitioner Training & Evaluation is the difference between being a good support and an industry leading business owner, & expert coach.

Customised topics

During the training you will participate in group presentations, which will focus on a specific context of business Performance Acceleration – usually chosen from business and sales, education, marketing, finances, or psychology; although additional areas may also be covered depending on the interests of other attendees. The content of the presentations are on specific areas of business Performance Accelerator, so you have the opportunity to completely integrate coaching, psychology and business information you already have, while also mastering a huge quantity of new material and skills.

Become a comfortable, and confident Performance Accelerator

Information on making a business more successful is everywhere, yet few deliver on even 5% of it and much of it is outdated or plain wrong! Your TetraKey Performance Accelerator Coach Practitioner Training gives you up to the minute knowledge and tools you need to become a highly polished coach, Performance Accelerator, and a comfortable, confident, resourceful business owner.

Our entire methodology is based upon gently guiding you, step by step, through a supportive and enjoyable process. Therefore, you can learn and experience just how to turn any barrier you may have into excitement, energy and confidence that all contribute to your success.

Eight reasons you should attend Professional Coach Practitioner Training

1. Choose the best
TetraKey CEO Rob Yates and his team are the world leading experts in Coach Training, Business, Performance Acceleration, and Masters in Human Change technologies.  As experts in the field you can be sure we will provide you with the very best training available anywhere in the globe.

2. An unrivalled record of success
We’re the fastest growing network of professional coaches in the world. We receive the highest ratings on our evaluations and consistently exceed our clients expectations.

3. Grow your own business and network
The information you will receive on your course is a gift and as such, gives you the opportunity to apply all of it to your business immediately, with most attendees who execute it sustainably tripling their business in the twelve months after completing the program.

4. Outstanding coaching methods
If you want to be an Performance Accelerator Coach Practitioner you’ll need to be an entertainer, storyteller and business expert who can impart information with verve and talent. As such, you can expect nothing less from our coaches teaching you.

5. The ideal length of training
We’ve learned through experience that 7 days is the optimum time for a course of this magnitude. After all, you need time to learn, prepare, deliver coaching sessions and receive quality feedback. You’ll also need the time to experience great coaches in action and master the huge variety of material covered.

6. Training versatility
You need versatile skills for coaching different markets, so it follows that your coaches should have them too! TetraKey has a wide range of experience and knowledge across all areas of coaching and the globe.

7. Full-service organisation
We go the extra mile to assist your success and growth at every stage of the process. We also provide further opportunities to encourage you to continue developing:
- Performance Accelerator Coach’s Evaluation & Certification, providing you with the opportunity to be certified as an TetraKey Coach
- Permission to use our Coaching Material and Tool Boxes to get you started straight away
- Ongoing support to encourage your continued growth
- Further accreditation and continual professional development
- Global Networking opportunities

8. An arena for immediate feedback
We have a very high ratio of staff to students in our courses. This means you’ll receive the attention you deserve and as you learn to coach you’ll receive immediate feedback to reinforce your own learning.

Upcoming Course: 

Sept 23-29th, 2017 in Portland area 

(Vancouver, WA)

Discounted Price: $2,200

What the TetraKey Professional Coach Practitioner Training teaches you:

Here are just some of the topics you’ll cover on your TetraKey Professional Coach Practitioner Training...

Mastering the Art and Science of Coaching
Masterful coaches were created, not born. Here you will learn what creates a excellent coach and how to engage with yourself and others in the most powerful of ways.

-  Mastering the coaching state
-  Logical Levels of Coaching
-  Dynamic Rapport
-  Permissive Coaching
-  End in mind into short term wins
-  Managing the first session
-  Why is a problem a problem
-  Values Level Thinking
-  Congruence
-  Transactional Analysis

Communicating with Excellence
Coaching is something that is 95% conversational.  A coach is only as excellent as their ability to adaptably communicate with their client.
-  Levels of consciousness
-  Communication modelling
-  Match – Pace – Lead
-  Interpreting what is truly said
-  Meta and Milton Modelling
-  Cartesian Logic
-  4-Matt Framework
-  Metaphor for change
-  Language to reframe outcomes

The Whole Client
Your client is your client, the human that is required to drive business to the next level
and as such, you will learn how to allow them to access the very best version of them.

-  Removing limiting beliefs
-  Habits for Performance Accelerator
-  Values and Belief modelling
-  Framing and Reframing behaviour
-  Over coming fears
-  Living the very best version of you
-  Using story lining
-  Personality Profiling

Creating a Successful Business
There is no one way of creating a successful business and during this module, you will learn how to build a process to perfectly suit yourself and your clients.
- Limitless Money Framework
- Modelling Excellence
- Resistance to Change
- End in mind Planning
- Finances in to the future
- Sales and Marketing for Success
- Business as a Story
- Root Cause Problems
- Impossible to inevitable
- Selling a business / Annuity Incomes
- Rapid growth formula
-Blue Sea Strategy
- Modelling excellence
- Measuring and Automating

Group Coaching
The power of group coaching is immense, especially when facilitated with easy excellence.
- Introduction to powerful public speaking
- Group dynamics
- Behaviours of Business
- Anchoring the group
- Life cycles of groups
- Positive Accountability

Behaviours of Business
A business is only as successful as the behaviours of its entire workforce, lead from the top and mirrored to the bottom
- Are you really the leader?
- Behaviour modelling
- Congruence
- Behaviour Design
- Simplicity
- Story to drive performance
- Ownership of action
- Psychology of success

Dates and Times

We recognize that you have a career and / or business to run, so have shortened the programme to its absolute minimum amount of time with out reducing your quality and return investment.

To enable this to happen for you each day will run 12.30pm - 9pm, giving you the mornings to keep your business running.

This programme will run over 7 consecutive days 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th September 2017 in the Portland, Oregon area.

What does the training and evaluation involve?

Your training will be one of the most intense and rewarding seven days you have ever had. Days are long, there is a huge amount to cover, you will learn it quickly and easily. The program is in three phases all of which need 100% attendance and completing to graduate.

Pre – Training
As soon as you register you will receive your pre-training pack, which will include a workbook, audio teaching sessions, your open book evaluation exam, a book to read and a series of preparation tasks to be completed before the start of the live training. You will also be appointed a mentor to coach you through the process and a fellow course member to work with.

Live – Training
Live training involves giving you 21 days worth of knowledge, skills and coaching behaviours in only 7 days. So as you can imagine your days are long, intense and immensely rewarding.  Live training is heavily ACTION orientated, with you applying every single piece of knowledge immediately after learning it and then building upon it straight away.  This means you learn quickly, easily and deeply to ensure you become the very best coaching version of you.

On the final day of the program your open book exam will have already been submitted and the day will involve you carrying out a series of LIVE assessed coaching interventions with other program members. You will also take part in a culmination of your own personal breakthrough experience guided by your Master Coach Trainers.

After the end of your course

After the end of your course you will be invited to join the TetraKey Coach network!

This gives you five significant opportunities,
1. Access to regular continual coaching in your city,

2. Access to our global networking & business builder sessions,

3. The opportunity to apply to become a TetraKey Contracted Coach*,

4. Access to continual professional coaching development,

5. Continual access to our ever growing business growth resource pack.

* A TetraKey Contracted Coach is a successful business owner or executive who commits to working with between one and three clients on a regular basis. TetraKey commits to match a contracted coach with their perfect client, pays you the coach and manages all administration and provides the above opportunities to you free of charge.

Upcoming Course: 

Sept 23-29th, 2017 in Portland area 

(Vancouver, WA)

Discounted Price: $2,200

"I learnt more on this programme about taking my business forwards than I did in two years studying a MBA at business school"

- Gerald , Seattle

"Since completing my Performance Accelerator programme my world has become amazing. I have launched a new business and am spending even more time with my family" - David, London

"This programme will allow you to fast track your business, your career and yourself. It is almost magical."

– Andrea - Durban

"I have always wondered how some people seem to achieve far more success than me! Now I know, and am making massive easy steps to achieving my own success."

- Vee, London

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