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Coming October 21-23 2015

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Do you have moments when you can see and feel a time where you are more successful than now? Have
you found yourself trapped by your own limitations - almost like a spectator in your own life?

Now is time to make the difference for yourself and look forward to your future success!
In just three days, your ‘Selling Success’ workshop will give you the skills, knowledge and behaviour you
need to get yourself on track and to living again. Whether you’re looking to achieve the perfect
relationship, your ideal shape, to improve your income or accelerate your career, we’ll give you the skills
you require to succeed.

How ‘Selling Success’ was designed
‘Selling Success’ was created by Rob Yates, a leading world authority on human potential and growth. As a
successful Elite Performance Coach and highly sought after motivational trainer, Rob recognised the
incredible abilities that many of the world’s most successful people used setting about modelling their
methods. Along this journey the ability to sell quickly became apparent as a common trait, which all these
people held as core – even those who did not sell for financial reward still sold effectively on a minute-byminute

After years of seeing huge personal performance change and growth when using these techniques while
privately delivering high impact one-on-one personal growth sessions, he noticed the opportunity to have
a bigger impact. Determined to find a way to share this with more people, he has spent 20 years
developing his skills as a trainer to be able to pass them on to groups of people, finding that the impact is
huge for all who join him.

Rob’s initial findings have been combined with research from some of the world’s greatest thinkers
including Aristotle, William James, Dr’s Tad & Adriana James, Dr. Milton Erickson, Albert Einstein and
Stephen Hawking. Additional research in the fields of neurophysics, quantum biology and NLP helped Rob
create an easy to use, systematic program which is simple and effective.

Realise your biggest goals
The ‘Selling Success’ program is a proven process for achieving everything life has to offer within your own
personal model of success. By learning the easy-to-use tools, you will be able to find more motivation,
energy and internal power than ever before, following your path to personal and professional success at a
speed you will never have seen before.

Push forwards to the future
The ‘Selling Success’ process allows you to identify and trash everything that’s holding you back. Once
your baggage has been released from the past, you’re free to access a new pure state of mind that will
allow you to succeed at anything you wish with new energy and happiness. Simply put, you can start the
journey of becoming the person you have dreamed of.

The power of attending
1. Learn the methods and processes of the world elite
What will your life be like when you have perfected this and are achieving at the same rate as the world’s
elite? At the end of your high impact ‘Selling Success’ course this is just what you will be able to do, by
choosing to take the step towards achieving your dreams.

2. Access the future of your own creation
Together with your ‘Selling Success’ trainer you will build the picture of what you want in your life, using
tools specially designed for you to ensure that you get your perfect balance of spiritual, financial,
emotional and mental content in your perfectly successful future.

3. Always be the person you know you are We all frustrate ourselves on occasions and sometimes consider, what if I could do it differently? What would you change? How much would you like your difference? The techniques you will learn on your ‘Selling Success’ course will give you the power to have the personal changes you desire quickly and easily.  You can make the changes to your life that will benefit you the most as quickly as you want to, even
instantly if you wish.

What makes this workshop so amazing?
The ‘Selling Success’ process transforms the way you think, feel and act, giving you the resources you need
to access the very best version of yourself. It assists you in removing the barriers which have previously prevented
you changing your ideals as well as learning the success behaviour of many the world’s elite
performers.  You have the choice to eliminate decisions, beliefs, and values that limit you or cause conflict.
With access to resources and a renewed mindset, you have the ability to make the choice to have a
successful future.

Who is this course for?
Many people around the world have learned and continue to use the ‘Selling Success’ workshop
techniques to dramatically improve the quality of their lives and individual performance
As well as courses for the public, we deliver the ‘Selling Success’ course to business leaders, sales people,
professional coaches & trainers, sports people, doctors, social workers, teachers and celebrities from
around the world, many of whom go on to use these powerful techniques within their professional
practice, as well as in their personal lives.

What will I gain?
Rarely heard about skills you will learn include how to…
• Create your own success
• Stop the negative emotions that hold you back
• Evaporate anger for ever increasing personal control
• Master the patterns of the worlds elite
• Sell yourself with flair and excellence to all you meet
• Change your financial future
• Achieve business and life-style goals
• Eliminate negative habits
• Always be motivated
• Create powerful goals towards your successful future
• Have total emotional freedom
• Make every decision a right decision
• Stop procrastinating
• Always be the very best version of a successful you
• Dramatically increase your speed towards hugely increased success

With and your ‘Selling Success’ course you have a unique opportunity regain your life and
power up your journey towards an ever increasing successful future. The power is in your hands.
If you want to move forward in your life and achieve personal excellence, make the decision to attend this

"The future is not a gift, it is an achievement.
Every generation helps make its own future.
This is the essential challenge of the present"
-- Robert F Kennedy