The #1 Success Coach, serial entrepreneur and adventurerer, CEO and co-founder of Tetrakey

What if you could take the skills of a professional global sports person, a successful businessman & uniquely innovative coach a put them all together in one person?  The outcome is simple, and progressively obvious in Rob Yates.

For the past 18 years Rob has been working on what are the components that make for high level success in sport, business, leadership and life.  The quest that he follows, continually researching how he can perform to his maximum potential and enhance the lives of others along his journey, is recognised a never ending.  Along this path Rob has acquired and developed a unique powerful range of skills to pass on, drawn from relentless study and high impact personal experience.  

Rob’s own pioneering journey still is a unique one, that has by chance and design brought to together a skill set and knowledge rarely found.  After retiring as full time internationally successful professional kayaker and adventurer due to injury, Rob has spent his time concentrating on what it is that allows people who operate at the highest level in the most hostile environments, to perform, progress and manage the complexities change, risk and success while balancing life and what it brings. 

The question of ‘What if it was bottleable?’ is never far from the front of Rob’s mind, and has resulted in a career of continual learning and development, to allow himself & his global clients the opportunity to operate at the cutting edge of their potential. 

As a successful Serial Entrepreneur, Rob is the owner of 7 businesses across 3 continents with another 2 businesses in the pipeline to be launch in mid 2016.  He loves nothing more than sharing the strategies he uses to ensure that every business he launches is a financial success within 12 months of launch.

Originally from the UK, Rob’s work is positively evident across the globe and has recently found him moving to South Africa, allowing him to achieve a life balance like no other.  Rob spends as much time as possible every year exploring, learning and adventuring both physically and mentally. 



"Rob's execution was what I liked most about the course.  He motivates you just by the way he speaks!"

-Essen Munsamy